Jump Into the New Year with These Super Awesome Promotion Strategies for Your Retro Jordan Shoes Business

As we welcome in the New Year, it is important to not only come up with personal resolutions, but, to make resolutions on a professional level, too! If you specialize in selling retro Jordan shoes, you will benefit in numerous ways by reading this guide. Here, you will learn how to jump into the New Year by taking advantage of numerous super awesome promotion strategies that may be used to advertise your shoe business and attract more customers. By learning and utilizing these promotional techniques, you will find that you are able to dramatically increase your sales. Turn off your phone, close all those other tabs, and continue reading to learn about the promotional strategies that will lead to your success in the New Year!

1.     Host a Free-Give-Away Competition on Facebook
If you would like to promote your retro Jordan shoes and get the word out about your business, you should start the New Year by hosting a free-give-away competition on Facebook. Being that you are in the business of selling retro Jordan shoes, you could offer a pair for free or offer other types of show products, such as insoles and/or innovative shoe laces. The choice is yours! This is a wonderful way to build interest among the audiences that you are targeting and obtaining assistance in promoting your retro Jordan shoes. When hosting this type of competition on Facebook, be certain to provide people with the ability to invite their friends to the event and to share the event on their wall. You may want to offer free “entries” to win the competition by engaging in these activities. This will aid in building interest and will help to boost your brand’s overall level of popularity!

2.     Dress Up Your Store
The next promotional technique for the New Year is to dress up your online store! When you specialize in retro Jordan shoes, it is important to ensure that you bring out the beauty of the products. Display the brightest and most visually-appealing shoes in your inventory on the front pages of your store. This will make people WANT your products! Be certain to include pictures that display a lot of detail!

3.     Offer New Year Specials
One of the most wonderful things about the New Year is the concept of new beginnings. If you want to kick start the success of your retro Jordan shoes business this New Year, you should offer New Year specials. Examples include coupons that may be used for certain products, various types of discounts, and even offer many of your retro Jordan shoes on sale!

If you specialize in selling retro Jordan shoes, you should take full advantage of the New Year. There are many promotional techniques that you may use in order to draw attention to your products and your business, as a whole. Here, you have been introduced to three super awesome techniques that may be used to draw in business. If you would like more information on how to sell those retro Jordan shoes, simply click HERE.