Instantly Create Incredible Facebook Posts to Promote Your Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

If you are seeking to promote your Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes, it is imperative that you learn how to instantly create incredible Facebook posts that will convert your “Likes” into highly-profitable sales. When internet users elect to “Like” your Page on Facebook that indicates that they have a heightened interest in your business and the products in which you specialize. Additionally, it indicates that they have an interest in seeing Facebook posts in their News Feed about your company and the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes that you sell. Essentially, a “Like” on Facebook is an opt-in to get more information from you; however, it is crucial that are able to create visually-appealing, highly-engaging posts that will maintain the interests of all of your followers. The following outlines some effective strategies that will allow you to instantly create incredibleFacebook posts to promote all of those Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes:

  1. 1.     The first step to creating a marvelous Facebook post that has the potential to convert to sales is to ask questions. According to research, questions are considered to be a highly productive means of engaging with conversations with consumers. There are many types of question formulas that may be used. Examples include the product preference question, the fill in the blank question, the “Like vs. Share” question, the “Caption This” question, and polls. When asking questions, be sure to include vivid and visually-appealing images of the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes that you are attempting to promote.
  2. 2.     Speaking of images, the second way to create fantastic Facebook posts is to ensure that you ALWAYS post images of the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes that you are selling. Give those shoes some personality! For the holidays, for example, cover a pair of hi-tops with a nice, bright Santa hat! In the spring, place those shoes in a basket, surrounded by colorful eggs and gorgeous flowers! Make your images unique. The more innovation that you use, the more attractive the post. Instantly, you will discover that your Facebook posts spread like wildfire!
  3. 3.     The third and final way to create incredible Facebook posts for the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes that you are selling is to ensure that each and every single post includes a very specific call to action. These actually hold the power to encourage people that “Like” your page to engage in the action that you desire! You could include a quote with your call to action, a video with your call to action, or even a special coupon with your call to action! The choice is yours!

As you can see, there are several unique strategies for creating absolutely fantastic Facebook posts for the Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes that you are trying to sell! You must simply place an emphasis on your content, your images, and your call to action. By creating your posts in this fashion, you are sure to discover that your conversion rate is exceptionally high and that your Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes sell like hotcakes! For more information about Nike Air Jordan basketball shoes, click HERE.