Creative Ways to Sell Your Cheap Nike Jordan Shoes Online (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our series, “Creative Ways to Sell Your Cheap Nike Jordan Shoes Online”. Last week, we reviewed the fact that the World Wide Web is a highly competitive market – especially when it comes to making sales. In order to overcome this obstacle, you must learn how to creatively sell your products. This will provide you with the edge that you need to achieve success. You were introduced to the steps of creating a blog and a Facebook Page to advertise your business and products. This week, you will learn two additional creative strategies for achieving success in selling your cheap Nike Jordan shoes online.

Create an Email List
When it comes to internet marketing and online sales, an email list is an absolute essential. According to a survey conducted by the company called “MarketingSherpa”, over 60% of online retailers stated that the email list that they used for promotions and sells increased the revenue that their company experienced. When you create an email list that markets and advertises the cheap Nike Jordan shoes that you specialize in, you, too, are sure to see an immense increase in profits. An email list should include past customers and potential Nike Jordan customers. You should ensure that you send regular emails so that all of these customers receive information about your company, the shoes that you sell, and other types of relevant content (such as links to your latest blog posts). In order to create a successful email list, provide an incentive – such as a free eBook on the most popular Nike Jordan shoes. You will quickly find that you are able to attract many subscribers! In turn, those subscribers are likely to become customers!

Go Visual
The fourth and final creative solution to selling your cheap Nike Jordan shoes online is to go visual; that is, make certain that you use social platforms such as Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram to promote your shoes! People love pictures and love sharing images that they find to be visually appealing. By electing to go visual, you will find that you are able to creatively represent the personality of your brand and the beauty of your products quickly and easily. Visual social platforms allow you to entice and engage consumers in a new, positive, and productive manner!  In order to achieve the highest level of success with visual marketing, remember to captivate your consumer on an emotional level and tell lots of stories! Consumers love stories!

Thank you for following our series, “Creative Ways to Sell Your Cheap Nike Jordan Shoes Online”. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you have learned that the internet is highly competitive and how to creatively sell in such a way that you maintain an edge over the competition. By following any or all of these steps – creating a blog, creating a Facebook Page, building an email list, and opting for visual-based social media platforms – you will find that it is very easy to promote and sell your cheap Nike Jordan shoes online. For more information on how to succeed in your business as a retailer of cheap Nike Jordan shoes, clickHERE.