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…Keep reading to discover how this groundbreaking new wholesale list can help you achieve ALL your financial goals with my cutting edge secrets that put the shoe industry to shame…

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Wholesale Jordans List


Walk into a shoe store right now and a pair of Jordans will run you $150 a pair minimum, but I’m about to show you how to get them for $20.

Now I know that what you just read is shocking. Heck it’s really unbelievable.

But before I go any further, let me go ahead and tell you that YES it really is possible for you to get a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s for as little as $20.


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and let me tell you…

arrowblueThese shoes are 100% authentic
arrowblueResponsive, Highly professional suppliers who have been in the business 8-10+ years
arrowblueFast Delivery and reliability
arrowblueBoth Nike Suppliers in the United States and in Asia
arrowblueRespectable payment methods such as PayPal and C.O.D.
arrowblueInstant access and regular updates

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Just how will you be able to do this?

That’s a great question and I’m glad you asked.

You see there’s something you must know and understand about the shoes and clothing business: Big companies are able to get their merchandise for little of nothing in order to sell it at a higher price to the general public for huge profits.

In fact, it costs less than $10 to make and or produce a pair of high end shoes, but by the time it gets to the stores, the price has been marked all the way up to $150 plus.

Companies can get away with this because people have proven time and time again that they are willing to pay whatever the cost is in order to have the latest Jordan’s to hit the market.

Heck, people have even killed and gone to jail for life for a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s. That’s just how strong a brand and how in demand these shoes are.

But I know that I don’t have to educate you on that fact.

What you really want to know is can YOU get your hands on Wholesale Jordans for dirt cheap prices.

The answer is yes.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

I have a list to give you.

But NOT just any old kind of list, but a list that provides you with merchants who are willing to sell you Nike Air Jordan’s for as little as $20 a pair.

That’s right,

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And once you have your hands on these shoes, you’ll be able to wear them for yourself or legally sell them to whoever you want to.

Heck, let’s just look at how much money you could make if you bought Nike Air Jordan’s for cheap and sold them for profit.

A regular pair of Jordan’s would normally run you $150.00 +.

With the help of this list, let’s say you were able to get a pair for $20 a pop.

You bought 10 pairs of Nike Air Jordan’s for a total of $200.

You, however then sold them for only $75.00 each, which is almost half of the store price.

You would net $750.00. Take out the $200.00 you paid for all 10 pairs of shoes, and you have a gross profit of $550.00.

Talk about easy money!

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Wholesale Jordans List

small-green-checkAllows you to get Nike Air Jordan’s for about the cost of a large pizza and soft drink
small-green-checkGives you the ability to get the latest Jordan’s quickly and easily
small-green-checkPuts you in a great position to start your own shoe-selling business
small-green-checkPuts money in your pocket
small-green-checkKeeps you in demand from consumers who love Nike Air Jordan’s
small-green-checkSaves you a ton of time and money that you would have otherwise spent trying to get the shoes you love so much
small-green-checkPuts you in perfect position to make money, regardless of if the economy is rocky or solid

If any of this is what you want for yourself then you simply can’t go another day without my…..

Wholesale Jordans List


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If you feel bad about having a wholesale list with contacts to the worlds top Jordan suppliers that almost nobody knows about, that gives you an unfair advantage over every one else this isn’t for you.

The Wholesale Jordans List is a secret list that ONLY a select number of people even know exist. This list virtually hands you the keys to financial prosperity because there’s no other shoe brand in history that can compare to the popularity or the demand that the public has for these shoes.

And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if YOU have the product that everyone around you wants, then you will make a ton of money.

But as you probably already know, having revenue is not what it’s all about in business. What really matters is your overall profits. There are tons of companies who make 1 million a year in revenue, but they spend just about all of that or more to make sales, leaving them with virtually no profits.

However, with the “Wholesale Jordans List”, you’ll be able to get Wholesale Jordans for virtually nothing and sell them on the open market for hundreds to thousands of dollars in profits.

Ok, ok…..Now I know that if you’re like most people, right now you’re probably wondering to yourself what’s the catch?

The good news for you today is that there’s absolutely NO CATCH!

The process is simple and as plain as it gets.

Here, let me break it down for you:

12 Your situation is that you want to be able to get Authentic Nike Air Jordan’s for cheaper than you do right now.
5 We’ll provide you with a list of suppliers who will sell Nike Air Jordans to you for as little as $20
5 You buy them WITHOUT worrying about any legal ramifications
5 You can keep them for yourself of sell to the public for huge profits

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I don’t know about you… but personally, I’ve honed the “Wholesale Jordans List” down into a finely tuned cash generating machine…

That means I can literally do anything I want…

I won’t make outrageous claims of millions of dollars because I like to keep a low profile…

Do NOT trust any website that makes claims of earning millions of dollars with pictures of hot chicks and flashy cars… they are out to rip you off!

But here’s what’s possible…

arrowblueBuy the car, house, and all of the material things you’ve always wanted. This is the short term stuff. You’ll soon want to move on to much bigger things!
arrowblueQuit your day job and stop worrying about the chump-change earnings compared to what you CAN be earning selling wholesale jordans
arrowblueGo on vacation whenever, and wherever, with whoever you want… and have the freedom to take this information with you – This is the best part for me!
arrowblueBills become a thing of the past because you’ll NEVER have to worry about making rent on time or your credit card company slamming you with late fees
arrowblueLive the life YOU want to live… get your freedom back and do whatever you want without being controlled by someone else with a measly pay check…

linewholesale jordans list subhead 8

The question is… will YOU take advantage of this offer…?

Or will you pass it over because you think it’s “too expensive”, and let other people make the money that was meant for you?

Remember, your investment in this groundbreaking wholesale list is TINY compared to the time and money you would otherwise spend on GUESSING what works, and other tricks and gimmicks that justMIGHT work (Here’s a hint – THEY WON’T WORK) I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars buying every wholesale list and buying Jordans from hundreds of suppliers and I have never found another wholesale list that is anywhere near the quality of “Wholesale Jordans List”…

And by the way… I know how skeptical you are… reading these extraordinary claims that seem to pop up in your face every time you turn around.

Maybe you’ve even bought a product like this before, only to be disappointed with fluff filled, un-researched sources, or useless links to sites selling cheap imatations or links to sites that don’t even have wholesale prices at all…

You know that feeling you get when you think you’re about to buy some junk, because it’s a rehash of something old, or you know it won’t work, and the sales letter was just hyping up junk?

Well, I can guarantee you this is NOTHING like that.


Below are some of the testimonials I’ve received from some of the readers from around the world.  I thank all of you for being thoughtful and taking the time to write to me about your successes that you’ve had with my Wholesale Jordans List and for allowing me to share your thoughts with the world about how you enjoyed this program.

Wholesale Jordans List Reader Responses below:

 Shane Wrenn from California

“…I was spending so much money on Jordans and still had a little pathetic collection… Everything changed when I discovered your wholesale jordans list…”


I had been talking about this program for MONTHS, saying “I’ll get it next pay…next pay…next pay…”  Finally a friend of mine got sick of my procrastination and just bought it for me as a gift.

I got the list on the 15th of February.  Its now 19th July and Im still going strong. So I thought I would send in my results so far.


Before I got this list, I was paying full price for Jordans regularly. I knew I had to do something about it, but I couldn’t find any legit suppliers.

Everything changed when I got Wholesale Jordans List. In the 6 months I’ve been using this list, I’ve made $44,893 selling Jordans and my personal Jordan collection is becoming world class.

I have been sending friends photos of my Jordans collection along with pictures of the money I’ve been making and then the link to your site, everyone has been really impressed.

Shane Wrenn, Arizona


(Update on Shane’s results:  as seen in his 3rd pic above, Shane has started his own website in the last 4 months, and even has his own store now.  This just shows the changes you can make in your life if you apply the info in Wholesale Jordans List. Great job Shane!)

Alex Miller from the UK

Up until about 2 years ago, I used to buy Jordans a lot – going to the mall – 3-4 times per month, hitting all of the major shoe stores. I was getting more and more Jordans and my collection was growing a lot but I could never find any good authentic wholesale suppliers.. no matter how hard I tried.

I then came across Wholesale Jordans List and John Anderson online and that’s when everything changed. I quit buying Jordans in the stores and started buying all of my Jordans from these secret suppliers (which are amazing by the way)– I now buy and sell Jordans and I’ve had amazong results.

I’m now making $8744 a month selling Jordans whereas 2 years ago I wasn’t making a dime and I was spending several hundred a month. At one point, I paid $885 for a pair of Jordans, now I can get that same pair of Jordans for $22. Thank you so much John!

Alex Miller, UK


Update on Alex:  The picture above is the most recent picture that Alex sent me, and as you can see, he has made even more dramatic improvements to his Jordan collection as time has gone on!  Congrats Alex!

“…When I got this list I had 4 pairs of Jordans, now I have 48 pairs…”


I have been buying from your suppliers for the past couple months.  I wanted you to know that I have never seen deals anything like this. When I got this list I had 4 pairs of Jordans, now I have 59 pairs and growing.

I’m now have a bigger Jordan collection than any of my friends.  Your suppliers are the best I’ve ever seen.  I’m also selling Jordans now based on your advice and staying away from the high prices at the retail stores.. Thanks for everything.


John P. Hembree, Sergeant, US Military 

“…I am selling 5-6 pairs of Jordans a day, just bought a Yukon Denali…”

Hello John,
Thanks for your Wholesale Jordans List.  I’ve been using it for the past 5 months or so and I am making 5 figures a month!  I attached pictures for you to see the progress I’ve made so far.

Anyway, I am selling 5-6 pairs of Jordans a day(according to my Ebay account), making around $500 to $550 profit a day! I just bought a Yukon Denali, I attached attached some pictures. I do have a lot of people ask me where I get my Jordans, at first I didn’t want anybody to have the same hookups as me but I have started telling people get Wholesale Jordans List!



Thanks,John Howlett
President, Healthy-Sunshine, Inc.

“…I looked like “a bum” switching back and forth between 2 pairs of shoes last year. Now I have a different pair of Jordans for every day of the month! …”

John, I don’t know if you actually monitor this email address, so if an assistant does, please forward this to John.

I owe you a lot of thanks John. Your program grabbed my attention last year when I was at an all-time (lifetime even) self esteem low.

I’ve been using your list for almost exactly one year now and as you can see from my pics, I’ve completely changed my life. I didn’t do any of those typical holding the newspaper pics, but I did luckily save a couple pics for you.

These pics are from last year to this year. I just want you to know and see what you’ve done for me. Anyway, I looked like “a bum” switching back and forth between 2 pairs of shoes last year.

Now I have a different pair of Jordans for every day of the month!

I’m so glad I found your program. I’m extremely proud of myself and extremely grateful to you. This is going to sound cliche, but I’ve become the go-to guy around my city for Jordans and I’ve inspired (not by talk but by action and lifestyle) people around me to quit being such bums.


This has been a mindset transformation. All done at home, with just some of the simple basics you recommended and my own motivation!

-Greg S.

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I want you in… I’ve done all I can… Now it’s up to you. Do you want it?

acceptance form


checkmark2YES! I can’t wait to access the “Wholesale Jordans List” and use a 100% guaranteed legit wholesale list to help me make money ANY where ANY time… whether it’s online or offline – I can use these secrets to send my earning potential sky high and live the life I want!

checkmark2YES! I know that John Anderson is a TRUE wholesale jordans expert, and is providing me real, hardcore reality based information that I can understand, and implement immediately. There is no vague “pie in the sky” information and NO hidden fees or agendas!

checkmark2YES! I want to take action now and secure “Wholesale Jordans List” BEFORE the price increase and before this list is sold out forever! If I order Right NOW I will also get updates of “Wholesale Jordans List” for life!


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I can’t wait to get started. Let’s do this…


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P.P.S. This is EXTREMELY limited information that only 50 more lucky people can get their hands on… if this ever got leaked to the general public it would be catastrophic for the major shoe chains…

Don’t shoot in the dark anymore… because you can guarantee your success within the next 5 minutes…

Wholesale Jordans List WILL SELL OUT. No question about it – there will be a mad rush for a list of wholesale Jordans suppliers as cheap as this that are legit. If you don’t hurry you’re going to see the SOLD OUT page for good.

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